January 27, 2022
On The Brain Movie – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

On The Brain Movie – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: I have a date this Friday with a young lady that I’m trying to romance. What movie do you recommend I rent in order to get her in a romantic mood? Thanks.

A:That’s funny you should ask! I was dining with a proucer friend (huge name in the industry) when he asked me the same question. Like I told him, one of the most ‘romantic’ movie dates I had was when this no-name actress came over to read lines. About 15 minutes into the reading and 2 glasses of Riuniti later I decided to pop in a Chuck Norris Laser Disc, you know, just to change things up. Delta Force was the name of the film and we didn’t even make it through the title before things moved to the bear skin rug.

Q:We really like your movie reviews. Do you have any place to watch those movies at?

A: We personally suggest watching movies at cinema, because, let’s be honest, nothing can beat that feeling. But if you are home type of person you can watch them at Netflix, WatchBestMovies or similar site.

Q: Why do you wish to remain anonymous? Is there any point to this? Who really cares about some ‘B’ list actor’s terrible reviews?

A: Listen, Hollywood can be down right evil if you piss off the wrong people. I created this blog to give an insider’s point of view about films. Most of the films I see are screened in professional level studios. While you’re sitting there with your blockbuster DVD, just remember that I’ve already seen it, probably worked with some of the cast, and bedded at least one of the actresses – or maybe even an extra.

Q: I’ve read through your site and just have one question. If you are a famous actor, then why are you wasting time reviewing movies on the internet?

A: Good question. Actually, actors/actresses have a lot of time between pictures and lately there have been quite a few (films) that I feel are garbage. I thought that it would be a good idea to give an honest review of these films from somebody inside the business.